Luck of the Irish cocktails

Irish Sour Apple


A light and refreshing mix of Jameson and the sweet and sour taste of green apple. A sweet and tangy treat to lighten up your St. Patrick's Day.


1 oz Jameson Irish Whiskey

1.5 oz Smirnoff Green Apple 

3.5 oz Elderflower Tonic Water

Thin Green Apple Slices

Ice Cubes


1. Combine Whiskey, Vodka, and ice in a cocktail shaker. 

2. Shake, until well mixed.

3. Strain into ice filled glass.

4. Top off with Elderflower Tonic Water.

5. Garnish with THIN slices of green apple. Serve.

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Lucky Leprechaun


Indulge with this delicious and bubbly punch. Perfect for large gatherings in a punch bowl! The Lucky Charms rim adds a festive touch to wow party goes. 


Fresh Mint, stems removed

2 pkg. Kool-Aid Lemon-Lime

8 Cups Pineapple Juice

2 Liters Sprite

750 mL White Rum

Lemons, sliced

Limes, sliced


1. Rim glass in crushed Lucky Charm Marshmallows.

2. Muddle mint in a pitcher.

3. Pour in Kool-Aid Mix.

4. Add pineapple juice; stir until mix is fully dissolved.

5. Add soda, rum and fruit just before serving.

6. Serve in rimmed glasses, add slices of citrus or sprig of mint.

Recipe & Photo from Freutcake



A true classic cocktail. This green minty and chocolatey treat is always a hit and perfect for the green themed St. Patricks Day festivities!  


.75oz Cream

.75oz White Creme de Cocoa

.75oz Green Creme de Menthe

Finely Shaved Chocolate 

Crushed  Graham Crackers


1. Rim cocktail glass.

2. Combine ingredients in cocktail shaker.

3. Shake and strain into glass.

4. Garnish with shaved chocolate. Serve.

Recipe & Photo from Saveur

Spicy Shamrock


This pleasingly green margarita twist brings together the cool crisp cucumber and the spicy pepper for a perfect St. Patricks Day cocktail for the tequila fans in your life. Enjoy!  


2oz Silver Tequila

.75oz Agave Syrup

1oz Lime Juice

4 Slices Cucumber

Fresh Cilantro

Jalapeno Slice


1. Muddle cucumber, jalapeno and cilantro in cocktail shaker.

2. Add remaining ingredients, shake vigorously with ice.

3. Strain into glass with fresh ice. 

4. Garnish with cucumber slice and cilantro sprig. Serve.

Recipe & photo from Elle Decor

Shamrock Juice


This shamrock hides its true orange flavor thanks to the blue curaƧao. If you're not a fan of just orange-try adding a flavored vodka or rum instead.


.5 oz Gin

.5 oz White Tequila

.5oz Light Rum

.5oz Vodka

1oz Blue Curacao

4oz Orange Juice

Orange Wheel or Cherry


1. Fill hurricane glass with ice.

2. Add all ingredients, OJ Last.

3. Add Citrus Sparkling Water

4. Garnish with Orange Wheel and/or Cherry. Serve.

Recipe & Photo from Mix That Drink

Irish Flag


Enjoy this vanilla, caramel, mint shot. Drink it layered to taste each layer, but if you dare to stir it, less pretty as it may be, the taste is far more amazing.


1/3 Creme de Menthe

1/3 Licor 43

1/3 Irish Creme


1. Carefully layer ingredients in a shot glass, in order above. It's easier than you think! Serve.

Recipe & Photo from Mix that Drink